My memories of school…

According to a common classification within Vaishnavism, Lord Jagannath epitomizes the ‘Sakshya Bhava’ or the nature of God as a friend…our Jaga Kalia!

Thinking back on my years in DM School, what comes to mind is the overwhelming sense of friendliness that used to envelope the precincts of this alma mater of ours. A place where elitism and exclusivity seemed alien to the school culture. Instead, what thrived was a veritable explosion of talents, of every single form and nature.
The crescendo of noise that accompanied the arrival or departure of a young student BEd teacher didn’t sound so different from the chaos and noise around the sacred ‘Nandighosa Ratha” during Rath Yatra…only difference, one occasion revolves around the sublime, the other was subliminal – natkhat gopals on steroids!
Long cycle rides to get to school, bag of inquisitiveness on our backs and a bag of innocence in our hearts…within its walls, secretly yet surely was built the foundation that would launch us into the wide wide world with all its vicissitudes and glories. While a BB Naik Sir’s ‘brahma chapada’ (on hind sight!) showed us that life is not all a bed of roses, Aruna Madam’s sweet chidings simultaneously proved that goodness, sweetness exist in equal measure, if we care to ponder and look…
The endless khattis after school hours, constant sneaking out of class at the drop of a hat, for quick cricket sessions around the rocky terrain (yeah, DM School students perfected the concept of instant cricket way before anyone conceived the T20 format of cricket!), the almost endless supply of karamangas from Kalpataru like trees, the excitement around Puja celebrations on campus and picnics to far off places, the rough childhood fights erupting at the slightest excuse (vanar sena on a rampage), the Olympics scale competitive fervour to get into the Indem team, are just a few things that come to mind about happenings outside class. And then there was the class itself…the anvil where many an engineer, doctor, sportsman and professional of every kind was being hammered into shape, slowly…by those ever patient and brilliant teachers who tolerated our antics way beyond normal human endurance levels and taught us to make a mark in the society we would eventually merge into, in our varied lives, around the globe…
‘Hari ananta, hari katha ananta‘…guess I can go on and on…. Wish some day I will find time, and return, with my weary soul, to those hallowed steps of DM School…to indulge, and perhaps take back that bag of innocence I left behind, within its walls…

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