Why I’m proud to be a DMtian

Today I owe all achievements of my life to my parents, who with all kind of problems in their life could get me admitted to Demonstration and Multipurpose School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Yes, I am proud to have passed out from D.M School. Gladly and with confidence, I can say that I could come into the mainstream of the society due to D.M.School.

D.M. School is just a name that represents the teacher, staff, amenities and the quality of education as a whole.

Here I feel to mention that without a concrete foundation we can’t build even an ordinary structure. Likewise without having a good fundamental knowledge, no one can grow in life. The reason for which I am proud of D.M. School is that we had outstanding faculties with whom we got nurtured. Never to forget to mention that the staff was also so nice to us that can’t be explained through words. Both the teachers and staff were like our well wishing guardians.

I sincerely feel that if I keep on writing like this then my friends will ask me to write a book on my own instead of a small article to be published in Prbhatitara. Hence I come to one of my best experience in the school.

I joined the school during the end session of the seventh standard. But prior to that, I was studying in Odia medium in Keonjhar. So when I got shifted to English medium, I could not cope up with the standard of the then existing students. Very soon, I was awarded with a new name – ODIA (This way I write, as I don’t want to defame our mother tongue}. Being a child at that time, I could not accept it positively, and started crying.

At that point of time all those, who were teasing me, got emotional and started consoling me and told me to take it easy and strive to come out of it. On that juncture, I was elevated and decided to to do it.

Then I approached our English teacher Ms. Elizabeth James. She was a motherly character. After listening everything, she told me – “Yes, you can do it, provided you follow me blindly” (Still those words don’t let me sleep me). I too accepted the challenge.

Then onwards, everyday Ma’am used to give me a book from library and order me to finish it within a day. I could not even play during recess hours, but used to give my whole time to finish the book. But it was in vein for around a month as I could never complete any of those books. However, after some 40 -45 days, I was able to complete few books.

Here I must not forget to recall with all my friends, a game, Ma’am used to play with us – “Guess the word”. She used to take few classes during game period also and make us play the above said game. She used to write some alphabets with blank place in between the periods, and ask us to guess the word. That was one of our most interesting game, during that time.

Likewise, I too tried my best to break the ice. Time went on, and annual examination of standard eight was over. It was time for result to be out. I was quite anxious for my result like others. But to my disappointment I got failed in science and social studies papers. With a broken heart, I was waiting for my result in English paper. When the period came, my heart started throbbing, which I think had never experienced in my whole life.

To my surprise our beloved Ma’am declared that I had secured the highest mark in the whole class with a score of 89%.

I must admit, never in my life, I could have that kind of joy and emotion. Today also I feel nostalgic and emotional.

So, such was our schooldays with godly teachers, staff and excellent friends.

With these words I would like to n conclude with few words.

In 2008, I had the scope to meet our beloved E. James Ma’am. On meeting her, I sought her blessings by touching her feet and enquired whether she recognizes me or not. To my utter surprise she replied me——–very few students had scored 89% in those days in English………


Debashis Nanda


2 thoughts on “Why I’m proud to be a DMtian

  1. I’m proud to b a part of this group DMS 92. Thanks to Pratyush, Gyana n all those who stand behind this show. Its for all u friends what I’m today. Thank u all n love u all.


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