When I forgot Budha is S.S.Das…

Let me share an incident with Budha in Bangalore. I think the year was 1999/2000…

I was taking a stroll on Brigade Road with my 2 room mates. Back then, Brigade Road used to be a hip place… best place for folks to hang around. It was a weekend evening and the street was completely crowded. Out of the blue I heard someone scream ‘Gyana… Gyana’. I looked around and to my surprise I saw Budha waving at me. I went towards him and my two roommates and Infosys colleagues came along.

I was enthusiastically talking to Budha in Odia and forgot for a moment he is also the same guy that a lot of folks know him as an international cricketer. One of my roommates who was little unsure was staring at him for sometime. looked for an opportunity to chime in and said ‘Aren’t you SS Das, the cricketer?’. Budha acknowledged.  They turned around and gave me a bewildered look. And then few seconds later they looked a the guy next to Budha and asked ‘Aren’t you Murali Karthik?. Murali Karthik acknowledged.
You should have seen their face! They were totally bewildered with what happened and couldn’t stop talking about it to their colleagues at office for the next few days.



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