Hair raising encounter

How I became a fan of “The Pedro”, Vikram…

We were given some homework by E James madam. She was teaching English to both A and C sections.

For some reason, I borrowed Vikram’s tidy Oxford English fair book. I can still remember Vikram’s handwriting… So well spaced and emphasis on each single letter. Anyway, in one of the essay type answers Vikram used the phrase ‘hair raising encounter’, a phrase I came across for the first time (we were in 5th or 6th grade guys!). I found that phrase absolutely hilarious. I immediately cycled back to Vikram’s house and literally went over the meaning of the phrase and we kept laughing. Vikram was laughing, was not sure, but was amused that why would someone find phrase ‘hair raising encounter’ so funny!

From that day, onwards we realized that we had a great sense of timing on humor and it just starts whenever we meet, wherever we left it at, whatever is the gap of our meetings…





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