Vanar Sena

The Section A ‘Vanar Sena Gang’ …

Let me start with saying that the Vanar Sena gang comprised of the most innocent and harmless baloonga bunch of kids you will ever meet. They had no inhibitions, kept no grudges. Always content with fighting it out…physical fights…always…not most of the time.

The group comprised of G Sandeep, Ravichand, RS Kishore, Gopal Tripathi and Sambit Rath. Sambit got separated and moved to C Section during the section changes, but kept making guest appearances in A Section to participate in the Vanar Sena mischiefs.

An example of a Vanar Sena fight prompter… Sambit teasing Gopal Tripathy – “Gopu Seth, Sadak par leit, Haathi chadh gaya, phat gaya peit…”. Next moment you will see… Gopal and Sambit jumping on each other and rest of the gang joining the fight for no clear reason …

The easiest way to identify them was from the rafoos in and around the 1st, 2nd and 3rd buttons of their shirt. Some of them had the hands of their shirts re-stitched to the body… at least couple of times. Their dresses would have very light mud patches even after multiple hand washes some showing up over and above the Robin Blue blue-white enhancers.

Their fights would mostly extend from Recess, HPER classes, some TT matches where you could see them holding each other’s collars, rolling on the floor on the ground, desperately clasping each other by their hair ends…ears…all possible combinations of these. It was kind of impossible to break these fights unless a teacher walked into the class or suddenly another HPER class started, in which case they would dismiss the fight and rush to the field! Many a times you would see Dadu (Sudeep) trying to stop the fights and get completely squeezed in between a well built G Sandeep and RS Kishore. We had to jump in to rescue Dadu! They were not afraid of anyone…except for Vikram. They used to be petrified if Vikram summoned them for a lecture.

Well that is a small brief about our sweet little Naughty Bunch- The Vanar Sena



Vikram adds

I think each of the guys in the Vanar sena went through at least a dozen shirts and shorts every year😄 School would start in July and by end of the 2nd week, half of the buttons in the shirts would be missing after all the fights


Pratyush adds

I remember…during one of these fights…BB Naik Sir dropped in once and proceeded to rain his infamous HVS’s (high velocity slaps) on two of the vanar sena members…that promptly brought an end to the fight (as if getting beaten up by each other was not enough!!!)


Utkala adds

Yeah.. Then there was the display of who can spray ink the farthest.. They would do that to each others shirts. I am cringing now thinking their mothers ordeal to clean their stained shirts


Vikram adds

It took vanar sena 2 mins to go from looking prim and proper every morning to looking like they just came after working all day at a construction site or a stone quarry


R.S.Kishore (one of the original Vanar Sena members) adds the theme & origin of the ‘Vanar Sena’ moniker




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