Sharma Sir, chemistry class…

Ananta narrates…

After the +2 results were out… myself, Pratap, Susanta and few others were sitting on the culvert and talking.. Suddenly I realized that Sharma sir was coming on his sky blue LML Vespa scooter from regional college side. Immediately I uttered Sharma sir… Except myself and Susanta, everyone vanished instantly. Sharma sir stopped by and started asking about our results. Then he started saying where r others as he saw quite a few of us while starting from the college. I said sir this guy went inside school, that guy went to the field and so on… Then he specifically asked about Pratap.. I said yes sir he was here with us just a minute ago. By seeing u from there he went under the culvert. Then Sharma sir called Pratap… Pratap come outside. Pratap first responded (still under the culvert) “yes sir”. But he never came out of the drain, it was dry though. Just stood there in that drain and answered each of the questions asked by Sharma sir..Then came out after a few seconds with all mud and dirt on his dress.


Gyana shares a Sharma sir class incident…

When Sharma sir cold called Lala in the class once…

‘Lala iska farmula kya hai?’

Lala – ‘Hmm…Sir aata nahin’

‘Tum to class aatey nahin, tumko ayega kaise….’

Ananta recollects as well and adds…

‘Abhi tumhen chappal se maaren toh kaisa rahega…’

‘Nahi sir mat mari ye.. Aata nahi kya karen..’

‘Kilaass mein dhyan do padhai mein dhyan do. Phir iski zaroorat nahi padega tumhe’


Gyana shares another instance…

Sambit and I were kneeled down outside the class for some mischief ….

When Sharma Sir’s class period started he let us in….

After few min we got back to our desks Sambit and my mischief won’t stop and we kept giggling.

Sharma sir…little irritated but still in his style…
‘Abhi to tum dono kneel down huey they bahar…pichle teacher ne kiya tha..

Ab kya tumhara Sar neeche pair upar karoon…!’

Ananta adds…

Sharma Sir’s Jabdaa gudaa poora Brahma jabdaa. We use to assume that Sharma Sir has seen Karma movie many  times. He thinks himself as Dilip  kumar and us as Dr. Daangg

I think his fav star is Yusuf khan(Dilip Kumar). Exactly like him, he wud scratch his forehead with his thumb and slap



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