Sambit ke karnamein – 2

Sambit joined the school on a Thursday or Friday. On the same week on Tuesday Binakar Sir gave some essay to write. (Obviously, he does not expect any new student to submit essay if he or she has joined class middle of the week). Then comesnext Tuesday, all notebooks Oxford ruled and others are stacked on top of each other… Binakar Sir enters the class…as usual heads to his desk …fully focused …picks up the notebook on the top of the stack… Starts looking at the essay… pondering …striking lines..noting something…amused, happy, not amused… puts the notebook back. Picks up the next book…repeats all steps. Then comes this notebook…keeps taking his notes and then surprised look !?!…flips at the front of the note pad…calls out the name of the notebook owner still not looking at the class  … Sambit Rath…

Sambit walks to him half confident, half politely …stands next to Binakar Sir.
Binakar Sir startles at him … (partly not sure if he has seen this kid before)…enquires ‘Which idiot told you to write this essay?’

Sambit not sure what to say, nervously says, ‘Sir, You! …and the class bursts into laughter!!! :))))

That was Sambit’s first week in school!


Vikram adds –

Gyana’s story on Sambit and Binakar sir is correct. I remember it vividly. We were in 6A and I think Binakar sir was teaching English that year. Long time ago…that was in 1987


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