Sambit ke karnamein – 3

Binakar sir had a penchant to do surprise dashes at ones desk and then he would do his trademark chutti tana or ear jerk…

Much later (read Sambit ke karnaame 2 for context), when Sambit was no longer new to the school, and had built a reputation for being a mischief monger… Binakar Sir rushed to him after noticing him doing some mischief. The moment Sambit saw Binakar Sir coming …he got off his desk and ran towards the back of the classroom… Binakar Sir came after him … Sambit swiftly ran to the Teachers desk…They went round and round in the class between the desks… And then Binakar Sir got tired and gasped and gave up!
That was a moment to savior… Sambit was all in his battisi…laughing away… Binakar Sir… such a cute and nice Sir…did not know what to do.

The fact that Sambit was a good student …he was a easy let off! Teachers didn’t know what to do…how can someone so smart can be so naughty at the same time!


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