Simple Khichdi


Rice             –   One cup (rice cooker cup)
Mung dal.   –   3/4 cup or can put half how much you like
Tomatoes.  –   two
Any veggies like carrots beans potatoes  no cauliflower or cabbage
Green leaves are very good like spinach
Cumin, mustard, hing, haldi, salt
Curry leaves (optional) give a nice smell also tastes good

How to make

If making in pot

1) Keep the pot on the stove
2) Put oil. When oil is heated, put mustard, zeera, hing, curry leaves (if available)
3) Put tomatoes. (Also you can put afterwards if you want but I put just to fry a little in the oil)
4) After 2 mins put the rice and dal which you have soaked in water for few minutes and fry for 3-4 mins
5) Put some haldi while frying and stir it
6)  Put water at least one litre or may be little more if you want in liquid
Then put salt to taste and cover. Let it boil but you have to stir in between otherwise it sticks

When it is little more than half ready, put palak or any green leaves you have. Stir and again cover

Check after 15-20 mins if ready then switch it off. Always remember to stir in these 15-20 mins

Khichdi is done

In pressure cooker

Same as in pot. Just put all the ingredients and close

Switch it off after 2 whistles





2 thoughts on “Simple Khichdi

  1. I was the lucky one to receive this recipe from Archana and try it out some months back, my first time cooking Khichdi and it tasted heavenly


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