Enoki Mushroom Fry


Enoki mushrooms – 4 bunches/bouquets (serves 2-3)



How to make

1) Clean and chop each enoki mushroom bunch into medium sized pieces, after taking off the bottom roots/soil. Then try separating out the cut bunches into individual string mushrooms (as much as possible)
2) Put oil in frying pan. When oil is heated, put the cut & separated mushrooms into the pan
3) Add turmeric to colour and salt to taste

Keep turning and mixing the mushrooms from time to time (put the lid on initially for a few minutes for it to get cooked and then take off lid to get any extra water off) until enoki mushrooms turn golden brown


An interesting personal incident…

Over the years, availability of enoki mushrooms has declined in Toronto and nowadays only organic varieties are found in a few upscale chinese grocery stores (mostly frequented by chinese and white canadians with a taste for chinese cooking). Being a mad fan of enoki mushrooms, I once made my way to one such store. Because this particular variety of mushroom loses a lot of volume while cooking, I usually take a large load of it. I’m standing at the check-in counter with my mountain load of enoki mushrooms (& nothing else). A middle aged chinese lady, after staring at the quantity of mushrooms for some time (& that too in the hands of a brown guy) …can’t hold back her curiosity any longer, comes up to me and blutters out a bunch of questions “what will you do with so much mushrooms, do you like this particular variety of mushroom, they are very good for salads, you must be a really health conscious guy…”. I patiently hear through her questions and then reply, “…yes this is my favorite mushroom and I actually fry it, tastes awesome!”. Gives me a totally confused look and says “you fry them, hmm!?!? explain please…”. And I proceed to give her the same dead-simple recipe as the above and tell her to try it out sometime. Gives me a big smile, thanks me and says, “sure will…”. By that time, a few others in the queue had gathered around, an elderly chinese gentleman who is listening in so eagerly I almost felt as if I was giving some warren buffet style stock advice, a couple of young chinese girls giggling throughout, perhaps amused by the incredulous possibility of frying an item that they are so used to eating raw….anyways it was a funny incident and reminded me about how the topic of food and cooking can sometimes lead to spontaneous social interactions between total strangers 🙂




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