Boura Kadali Bara

It’s my mom’s recipe which she can cook to perfection under any circumstances


Primary and Necessary – Lots of love and an image of the happy faces of your family members savouring the baras

Secondary ingredients

2 Raw Bananas (green) peeled and boiled. Ideally choose small variants if available as they make softer baras
1 medium sized potato  – peeled and boiled
1 medium sized onion – finely chopped
2-3 green chillies  – finely chopped
Some fresh coriander – finely chopped
Half tea spoonful of Sugar
Ginger –  half inch finely grated
Salt to taste
Oil for frying..use sunflower /canola/soya/rice bran/olive
A pinch of garam masala and finely chopped cashews  – optional..they just add that mughlai twist.

You can make roughly 10 baras with the above quantity

How to make

The simple process to dish out the yummylicious golden patties of love…

Mash together the boiled banana and potatoes to a squishy paste. Use your beautiful hands..Ask your kids to join the squishing process if they are around. Mix together all other ingredients in the paste. Form small balls and then pat them flat to make small patties.

Heat oil in a Kadai or any flat based utensil in your kitchen.  Go for your  favourite…it just adds to the love.
Shallow fry the patties, flipping them over once they become golden brown on both sides.
Serve hot as you like it with love…
You could just eat them out of the Kadai as a jaldi snack..or as an accompaniment with steaming rice and dal, or with paranthas and curd.

And yes if you find any left..use layered patties in your burger..with some green chutney or any sauce . They taste yummy anyways.

Savour the melt in mouth..”BOURA Kadali BARA”






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