Vijay Bhaijaan’s “Lord of the Wings” Biryani


There are four major constituting blocks of any classy Biriyani.

1) Rice: 1 kg Dawat Biriyani Basmati rice

2) Chicken curry: 2 Kg large pieces, Everest Shahi Biriyani Masala, Turmeric powder, Red chilli powder, jira powder, salt, 4 to 5 table spoon curd, 3 big onions sliced, 75 gms ginger garlic paste, 4 table spoon refined oil

3) Fried Onion: 4 big onions finely sliced, pudina leaves, 50 gms mix of  cashew, resins and Cherrys, 2 table spoon desi ghee, salt and sugar

4) Milk: Milk of one grated coconut, few strands of saffron

How to make

Soak the grated coconut in one bowl of water for half an hour. Collect or filter milk from the bowl and mix the saffron strands in the milk as prepared above and keep this mix aside.

Mount a clean pan on to the gas stove for preparing the onion fry. Light the gas stove and maintain it at lower flame. Heat ghee in the pan. Put onion and saute it for some time then put pudina leaves and the dry fruits mix, 1 tea spoon sugar and salt to taste. Saute the mix to golden brown. Keep the onion fry aside.

Heat oil in pressure cooker and put all the ingredients of chicken curry except chicken and saute it till the oil starts leaving the sides of the pressure cooker. Put chicken and saute it again so that the ingredients get mixed properly with chicken and the raw smell of chicken goes off. Add water maybe about 4 cups so that it forms a very thick gravy. Pressure cook till the chicken gets cooked. Ensure that the chicken does not get over cooked else the pieces will get broken. Keep the curry aside.

Soak the rice for half an hour in water. Cook the rice till it is 3/4th cooked. Drain out the extra water from the rice container. Keep it aside.

Prepare biryani:

Take a thick and flat bottomed vessel. Spread 1/3rd of the chicken curry in the vessel to form the base layer, spread 1/3rd of rice on top of the chicken as the next layer. Repeat these layers two more times in the same fashion. Spread the previously prepared coconut milk and saffron on the top most layer, Spread the fried onion prepared previously to form the top most layer.  Spread on the sides, 4 to 5 tea spoons of desi ghee. Seal the lid with wheat flour dough. Mount a tavaa on the gas stove and put this vessel on top of the tavaa. Simmer and cook for 30 minutes.

Garma garam Vijay bhaijjan’s ‘Lord of the Wings’ biryani is ready to be served





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