DB and late night tuition classes

DB’s birthday reminds me of our tuition classes…DB, me and Samir used to go together, sometimes on our Vespa 150 scooter and sometimes on DB’s bike (forgot which one exactly it was). DB would come to my place and then we would pick up Samir on the way from campus. The classes were in the evening and i still remember the 1st class we went to. Samir’s father was extremely worried and asked DB multiple times if he was ok and good at driving the scooter. DB being the confident scientist he was…replied in the affirmative with a big nod of his head. Samir’s father let Samir accompany us hesitantly…

And the journey itself to tuition class and back late night was another funny tale…during those days police used to catch and harass people driving bikes/scooters with more than 3 adults…so we made a plan…we would invariably squeeze Samir in the middle with the assumption that the police guy wouldn’t be able to catch a glimpse of Samir if we drove fast enough…and in case we were caught plan B was…this little guy was our nephew or some kid we were carrying home with us….luckily Plan A always worked and i don’t remember getting caught and having to explain…☺



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