DMS92 schoolies’ brushes with celebrities

When Vikram bumped into a lost NRN…

I walked out of my office yesterday around 6:30pm and there is a small restaurant close by. I stopped to pick up dinner and as I walked out, I see this old Indian guy – prob around 70 yrs old and carry a old plastic shopping bag near the entrance. He was clearly lost and looking for direction. He wasn’t sure where he wanted to go. This is near Times Square so it’s pretty crowded and there is lot of traffic and cops everywhere given the recent bombing. So I look at him for a second and maybe to help a fellow desi, I ask him if he needs help with direction. He looks up and says he wants to go towards 55th St and Broadway.  I then realize that he is this guy.

We chatted and I walked with him for 5 mins and we go off in different directions. Funnily this is the second time I ran into him, the first was in 1999 at Mumbai airport

Just normal small talk for a few mins as we walked through the crowd. He said he was staying in a hotel nearby and was in town for some meetings.  I told him, my father was one of the original investors in the IPO in 1993 and he said, “l hope your father made some money” as a shareholder. 😄. Pretty down to earth unassuming guy – no airs and also you can’t figure out he is NRN unless you recognize him. He looked weaker and a bit frail than in the pictures. He is growing old so not surprised


Straight drive with Harsha and getting star struck in college!!!    Asish

I had met Harsha Bhogle and talked with him in the airport. I thanked for his nice articles in about budding cricket of that time…. He was very eloquent about the talent of Budha Kaif etc… He was very easy to talk and down to earth guy… I had met him about 15 years back. That same day I saw Shabana Azmi in the Airport…but she was out of bounds.

In college days I had the privilege to talk to Sashi Kapoor and Rajesh Khana over telephone to invite them to be guest of BJB college function being the PR guy of President Sachi bhai. Sashi Kapoor expressed his inability due to lack of return flight to mumbai on the same day…

But we managed to get Rajesh Khana to BJB who created magic with his words..

Batakrushna Tripathy IPS was the chairman Orissa film development corporation. He had provided the numbers. I made calls from the pco



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