Western Odisha Trip – Oct 2016

Biopics of the road-trippers

Ok, let me write a few things that happened in the Western Odisha trip that didn’t come out in the minute by minute pictures that we were sending on the way….

It took us about 5 1/2 hours on Friday to reach Burla…. we were little low in energy as we were tired and also because we were harassed by a police on the way. And then Asish appeared like a transformer full of energy at Burla (hopped into his car and drove all the way for hours to meet us) and took away all our tiredness in few seconds !! Asish made a few calls in his trademark hilarious assertive style and got us permission to enter to a special viewing area of the hirakud dam in late night.  

Asish, we missed you in the picnic but those few hours we spent with you on Friday was a blast.

On Saturday night, Susanta arrived by train. Those who know Susanta know that Susanta’s presence is like a breath of fresh air. There’s never a dull moment with Susanta. His wisecracks laced with harmless French words will tire you from laughing. Susanta has got the clearest hearts in the world….Be the way you are buddy. 

BBTG, Biswabijayee the great… what an awesome time we had singing in the car with him. His voice is just peerless. BB is like a charger… he can break into deep sleep any time, any moment and the very next moment he hears or smells food he would instantly wake up! On the way to Harishankar we had to stop to let Ananta have a quick snack of singada (as he had not had any food till 2 pm) …while few of us went out looking for provisions to marinate mutton. This is how BB orders…. Bhai charita singada diya… au duita jhillapi (they were enormous!)…He took a break from eating and then I joined… Gyana tu tike Chenna Gaja try kar… charita Chenna gaja diya…. and then his eye catches something …. Arey seita kana? Mysoor Pak…. Charita Mysoor Pag diya…. Mysoor Pak ta mora favorite…                                                                      

BB is the best travel, picnic buddy you can have. (The ginger slices you peeled for the mutton curry is the best). Hope you made it in time to office buddy for your Business Proposal for the Austrian company.

Satyajit ‘Amul Kool’ Samal. He is Cool to the Square 10. Several times he would beat Pratyush in coolness factor. What a cool dude and an amazing amazing host. He would be quietly watching all proceedings (with his Amul Kool smile) and will chime in the right time to make sure you don’t get carried away and get off track. No wonder he is so highly respected in the medical campus. Hats off to you buddy. You are a revelation (as Ananta would call you – sleeper cell) during the trip.                                            

Ananta Basudev Choudhury, the captain, the anchor, the spirit of the trip….is a true leader. He would take up the toughest work as a leader and will still offer you to be your back-up for your tiny tasks….and still not have any qualms about it. He made sure everyone had a great great time and didn’t lose sight of the big picture. He made sure BB reaches back to office in time. Ananta, I will never forget how you prompted me to take a dip in the Mahanadi…much to the curiosity of the villagers…who would have thought…. who is this joker who jumped in to water without any inhibitions! One of my best moments.                                                                              

Some samples of hilarious banters and harmless arguments between the Laurel and Hardy jodi of Susanta and BB…others who are not aware of their jodi will think they are actually fighting…for a moment I thought they were actually fighting

Kakudi dhua heiki kata huey…na kata heiki dhua huey…

Anjule panire dhua heba na pani budeiki dhua heba…

Peeiba pani rey salad dhua heba na rosei pani rey dhua heba…

Make no mistake, these are accomplished professionals in there real lives – A Technology Architect, a General Manager in a large software services company, a Principal, a Professor in a medical college…

For those few days they were all school/college kids who would beat the energy and enthusiasm of school kids by miles.
Hope to see many many moments like these in dms92….
Ananta adds…
Gyana, it’s great that you saved each of those delightful moments in your permanent storage media 🙂 and stopped by for a while in keying those down for the group. But you forgot to mention about the energy booster in the team. It was you bro!

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