Rumi’s Dab Chingri (Prawn in tender coconut)


Prawns, mustard oil, mustard paste, coconut paste, coconut milk, cream, turmeric, tomatoes, green chillies (slit into two), raisins, cashews, salt to taste, onion, pancha phutan (cumin, fenugreek, mustard, onion seed, fennel), dough

How to make:

Clean  and de-thread the prawn …mix mustard oil,mustard paste,coconut paste,coconut milk and cream,turmeric,tomato,green chilli (slits),raisin,cashew

Temper with five spices and onion….mix well…pour the mixture of prawn all Masala and add salt into the coconut and cover it and pack it with dough and put it in the Microwave until golden brown