Stories about Sumeet…

First off, Sumeet had this quintessential mischievous boy look…

So, by default if any teacher is not able to figure out who made that annoying noise or stuck chewing gum on the teacher’s seat…they would just eye ball the classroom and would suspect just by Sumeet’s look that he might have some involvement in the mischief and will be first person to get Uttama Madhyama. He was always the “suspect # 1”

Second, Sumeet is a logic guru… Has a penchant for very witty comments…

Once Shashi sir remarked, ‘why is the class so quiet today?’

Sumeet quietly and feebly murmured ‘Line nahin fan band achee, sethee payeen quiet laguchi’

Shashi Sir who always loved witty comments… acknowledged



We were in 7C, sitting in the Primary School area in those days.

The lunch break was about to be over. The noise and entropy level in the Primary Section was very high as the naughty boys just come alive to their thriving best in that hour.
The was this ‘about to break’ desk with attached chair. Some of us about 6-7 decided to help the furniture out of its misery and decided to dismantle it at its loose ends and derived a lot of fun  in course of dismantling it. Then more people started joining the fun of breaking apart the hapless furniture…. It was lot of fun!
We were 80% through and we started to unleash ourselves, pushed the furniture to the corner of the class and then Sumeet joined in and started kicking the stubborn joints. It was a lot of fun and the noise level just kept growing. Almost 1/3rd of the class joined the fun ….

Then out of the blue after hearing all the noise and furniture cracking sound and all the laughs, PN Mishra Sir walked into the class. Most of us saw him and moved aside…. but Sumeet was not aware at all. He was so engrossed in kicking and was so lost in the noise that he didn’t realize P.N.Mishra Sir standing in a corner and watching. He was jumping all over the furniture and had absolutely no idea that all his accomplices had left.

Then you can imagine what PN Mishra Sir would have done to him. He must have unleashed a tirade of slaps… about 50 of them…. Sumeet’s head was like, bouncing between the left and right slaps and in between his head would bounce on one of the walls. It was painful yet wickedly hilarious!
At the end of the tirade, Sumeet was all Red, his large ‘Buddha’ ears bright red as well.



Sumeet himself adds some interesting details about his multiple names and incidents

With regards to above incident, these were some of Sumeet’s comments, a few years back

Who can forget that incident! Everyone in section C remembers. It was P N Mishra who did the honours wearing his white hat. After about a dozen AK 47 style slaps, my face had become numb to the subsequent slaps. When the dhobi ghat session was over and P N Mishra had left, everyone including Gyana rushed to me to check if I was alive. My face had become red with finger marks on it.

Next day P N Mishra spotted me again while marking attendance for NCC and immediately commented “Taking NCC, Breaking Chairs! Shameless”. Someone actually told him that day that the desk was already broken before Sumeet started kicking it. That prompted no change of heart in P N Mishra, but he called me and did offer extra singada and aloo chop at the end of NCC drill.

Several years later when my brother went for English tuition to P N Mishra, our brotherly relationship got strained obviously 🙂

In 6C, it was Sashi Sir who took me to task for laughing continuously even after a few slaps from him. Then of course I was at the receiving end from the most unlikely ones…Basanti madam, Binakar sir, wood sir, metal sir, sanskrit mashtra.

‘Dentist’ name was obviously given by Panda sir.

‘Mausa’ name was given by Hanan sir as I was the last and slowest one to get down from the school bus…he used to be in the same bus always occupying ‘significant’ space in the last seat


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