Panda Sir’s famous quotes…

Class 9A. Period – Economics

Panda Sir is dictating economics notes and the entire class is noting all that knowledge down in pin-drop silence. In one corner of the classroom, R.S.Kishore has the audacity to draw Sir’s picture in his notebook instead of taking notes. Somehow Panda Sir notices this and walks up to R.S. Kishore, grabs him by his head, pulls him to the centre and asks him to “kneel down”. R.S.Kishore having a higher than average Body Mass Index takes a few extra seconds to adjust and place his entire weight on his knees.

Panda Sir: What were you doing?

RSK: Nothing Sir

Panda Sir: Bapa kana karanti?

RSK: AG office re kama karanti

Panda Sir: Bapa AG office re kama karuchi, pua ku KG KG maunsa khuauchi, Pua asiki economics class re teacher ra drawing karuchi…..Motu….Gabdal Khaasu!!!


Class 6C, Period – Civics or Social Studies

Gyana and Ayaskanta (Guguni) used to sit on the same bench, Ayaskanta had the chubbiest cheeks which Gyana was very fond of. In one of Panda Sir’s class, Gyana squeezes the cheeks of Ayaskanta with both his hands and pulls him closer screaming “Gugguneeee…..Gugguneeee”.

Panda Sir sees this and says “Aha ki prema! Ethi kana Sri Krushna Rasalila chalichi?” I think he then walked up and gave a thani on Gyana’s head in his trademark style. He walked back but then turned around and came to Guguni and gave him a thani on his head as well and said “Sie ta taa prema dekhauthila, tu kahinki to gaala dekhauthilu?”



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