Sambit ke karname…aaj bhi!


This is a short but true story about the dearest of all… Mr. Single Gilhari😀

It happened when last time in 2016, Gyana had been to Bangalore.

We had a great get together at ibis hotel. It was a family get together. We all enjoyed meeting with each other’s families, had too many selfie sessions through Gyana’s iPhone, my oneplus and Sambit’s brand new Google pixel. Kidz too had a great time within their circle. Finally, we headed for the dinner. Post dinner also, we had a few more selfie sessions and finally it clocked the moment to depart. We decided to use my credit card to pay the bill and later to get that amount reimbursed in my account from every other’s share. After too many yes/Nos and repulsions to not to payback, Akkhaa insisted to put across his share over a cheque payment. One fine day he made it… Here is the first-cut premiere show of the cheque….(at the top)

Towards the end of Jan 2017, one fine day it cropped up in his mind “ARE !👉 Ananta, mu tote se get together ra paisaa deini naa”. I said ” No Sambit…with a mysterious smile”. Further, he narrated, “Abbey, Mora maney ruheni, tu mane pakeiba kathaa na!!.. Raha, tote gote cheque lekhiki dauchi”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂… Instantly, I started laughing loudly… He got confused and looked at me thinking why is Ananta laughing so loudly.. Again, he insisted.. ” Abbey tu paagala hei jaaichhu naa kana? Hasuchu kaahinki? ”… After, too many iterations of similar versions of that question from him, I thought of revealing it… Finally, I told him what happened back during November… Then he instantly started laughing even louder than me… Then, he said, “no man, sometimes I am lost”… I replied again, with a serious voice “no Sam, not sometimes but it’s always”. Again, both of us laughed loudly… Others at the tea shop were just watching us but nobody understood what was that. He handed over rs. 1450 in cash to me and both of us were still laughing…

Click on the audio below to listen to a part of the chat




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