Marathon GT’s & record breaking khatti sessions-Vikram’s trip to India, 2017

…Wrapped up a short & amazing trip to BBSR – great seeing everyone, especially Prakash, BBD and Sanjib after 25+ years. And Anuup, Asish, Dabu, Lalu and Ravi.

We started our Khatti at 4pm and ended at 4:30am! It was fun catching up and reminiscing about our good old school days over drinks and food. Asish and Prakash decided to give all of us a midnight tour of the new BBSR, Chandaka, Nandankanan and Sikhar Chandi etc which we did between midnight & 2am last night. We dispersed around 2:30am however Judge Sir decided that the “shaam” was still “jawaan” and returned in 15 mins to restart the Khatti which went on for another 2 hrs. Dabu also joined around 2:30am.

Missed Sucheta, Sanjay, Rumi, Aman and others in BBSR.

Thanks all for a lovely time. Until next time 🙏


And then moving to Bangaluru,

Thanks to Raghu, Buddha, DB, Madhusmita, Sambit & Elina and also the attending spouses and kids for such a lovely time. Made my day!

Seeing Elina after 30+ yrs and DB after 25 yrs is surreal – we started talking like we never lost touch

In enjoying all these good times, I can’t help but think none of this would have been possible without our pioneers – Utkala, birthday boy Gyana, Pratyush and others who took the initiative and pushed us to create and maintain this DMS 92 community.

Utkala, Ananta, Shabnam, Tapan, Satyajit and others BLR – missed you this evening. See you next time

– Vikram


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