Thinking of you in tranquility

You are the unseen reality


You, the painful silent truth

You, a sleep with no dream

You, the command for a new vesture

You, the path finder of life

You, the embark of a new journey


I’m scared of You


Life is brief

No need to waste in grief


Accept thorns and flowers

Like, Sun, Wind and Showers


I’m just a moment in His vastness

Forget the bitterness

witness the sweetness


You exist when I do not

You are Eternal

You are the only Constant


You are there somewhere around

Thinking about You

Do not scare me when I experience You


3 thoughts on “You

  1. Awesome thoughts… I am really, curious to know where you draw your inspiration from. Is it personal experiences, or have you just been blessed with the gift to write such beautiful poetries and write-ups.


    1. its just an endeavor to express my true feelings and perceptions 🙂
      we are just moments in His vastness..


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