Lone, Lonely, Lonelier

She adorns dolls, filling empty spaces;
Spaces devoid of humans,
A country ageing,
Octo and nonagerians abound.
The outliers of the lifespan graph,
Lonesome and craving company.
Will the life-size dolls assuage the wounds
of many a withered hearts ?
Mindfulness apps and meditation retreats,
Pull the young,
Millennials flock spiritual sermons,
Fleeing a life cramped with information,
Soul – searching ;
Detox is the new mantra,
That navigates their lives.
The chasm has widened,
The young have left abodes,
In search of themselves,
The old still guard the hearth alone,
Waiting for the return
Of the prodigal offspring !
Will their lives
Brim again with the cacophony of familial banter ?
Or ,
The walls crumble burdened by the
Grief of loneliness ?

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