Sanskrit dramas in school…

Sanskrit play

In photo, from DMS92: Archana, Vikram, Sitikantha and Bibhudutta

Gyana: Sanskrit dramas were absolutely hilarious. During the Sanskrit dialogues, people start taking breaks. Because of the mythological background for Sanskrit dramas they had a huge cast. Sometimes the cast was bigger than the audience watching the drama.

Vikram: Archana and I once did a Sanskrit drama – yes Sanskrit where I don’t think we understood even one word – we memorized every word of every dialogue and regurgitated it on the stage.

Archana: Sabu ghosi deyithili😄 I hope you remember another incident about this drama. You can see all the ornaments I am wearing. I was playing the role of Queen. In one scene my dialogue was like.. “no no nothing in my hand”. Means my act was to hide the ornaments in back what I was holding. I was not supposed to show the ornaments but the synchronization was wrong. I brought my hands in front n saying that “there is nothing in my hand “Sab ratta mara Hua tha dialogue. Kichi bujhu thile sina😂
Audience was laughing like anything. I realised that I did something wrong.After I finished my role I went inside sir scolded n I started crying. Then Sir said ok ok. No worries. It happens. Don’t cry 😄 My sister was also teasing me until we reached home.

Vikram: 😂 I vaguely remember this incident- I think we all who played a part were actually the “bakras” because no one volunteered to participate. So we were appointed by the teachers

On Vidyarthi Madam…

We used to call her the ‘White Ghost’ or ‘White Elephant’…and although rare, she had a devastating array of slaps when angry. Entire classes along the corridor would turn silent when she chose to lumber along once in a while, surveying her territory.

I also remember, we would bunk class and play cricket at the small ground behind the school which was right  in the way for her when she would walk to school from her home. We could spot her from a mile away given trademark outfit of all white sari. The moment we saw her figure from a distance, we would run and hide until she passed and resume again after it was all clear.

The farthest fielder would have the additional responsibility to keep an eye on the road. The moment the farthest fielder runs or panics there would be a cascading effect and each fielder will start hiding until the White Elephant passes the road. After she crossed, we would resume.

Pratyush, Vikram, Gyana

My memories about the Vanar Sena

Myself Chandu Sandeep R S Kishore Gopal and Samir Raizada (Subho Ghosh joined in later) were having fun playing TT cricket in the corner room. That was one of our favourite pass times when Sanskrit sir used to come late or when he used to miss the class. Well that day P N Mishra sir was teaching class 10 students and we were as usual merrily playing. He came in once and very mildly told us to maintain silence. Well we were Vanar Sena as you know 😄😄

Post that, the Vanar sena got his ire and the blows came in thick and fast starting from Subho Ghosh and ending with Sandeep 😂😂😂

He came in silently and watched Subho bowling and Sandeep batting and then the thrashing started with a chaini on Subho head and slap. No one was spared. Even ‘poor’ Samir too got caught in the middle…sometimes it is just bad luck 😄😄

– Sambit

Further review and round table discussion on the Vanar Sena…

PP: The funny part of the story for me was imagining the total guiltless expressions of all the Vanar Sena as they played their game of cricket as if doing that inside class was their birth right and then the sudden barrage of blows coming as a ‘surprise’…waking them all up to reality…and of course Samir caught in the middle of it all. Though I always felt (while closely observing Samir) even to this day…he always had a massive mischief maker tendency inside him which got suppressed by his equally strong sense of self restraint

GP: So are you saying he didn’t mind getting punishment because he internally he made mischief anyway!
That is a very good way to negotiate the action (mischief) vs result (punishment)

PP: Yes I think he knew very well he was doing a wrong thing..but just gave in to the urge while others were having fun. Vanar sena members, in contrast…never had the sense of guilt…they all thought everything they did was perfectly normal… Their surprise came whenever they got punished …as being too disproportionate to what they were apparently doing

GP: :)) Yes they were true Krishna Bhakts. All their mischief was pure innocent acts. :)) they just didn’t have any attorney to represent their innocence.

PP: Right

GP: Also, all of them were highly regulated kids at home. They came alive at school. They were used to showing puppy faces (perennially been wronged face) of innocence after getting punished, something they continued to carry from home to school

PP: That’s a good observation…the hormones had to find an outlet. But thinking back…both Samir and I were also highly regulated at home…

GP: As one of my engineering proffs would say, you guys were externally silent, internally violent! Not as bad as it sounds but you know what I mean

PP: 🙂probably right…Or perhaps we found a way to channel it unto benign ways…or altogether kill them by practice

GP: Benign ways like actively laughing and enjoying at these gags?!
Documenting mischief stories in Prabhatitara and smugmug ?!

Bhopa Sir’s complaint about Vikram…

I still remember Bhopa sir’s tone and how he used to speak (in a pleading, distraught voice). In the last term exam before our std X board exam, I got in the mid 90s and I think Rayen and someone else also got higher marks. I had made ONE mistake and he cut 3-4 marks for that. Then he met my father in the Ananda Bazaar market and said, “Apanka Pua Babu silly mistakes karuchi, tikkey dhyana deuni. Full marks paaiba paper rey, mistake karila aau marks harailaa” 😳


Thuru on Shankar Sir’s scooter

I remember this incident…i think it was thuru tapas senapati once sitting on Shankar sir’s scooter

Shankar sir saw it and came to reprimand him…

He asked him “what are you doing here”

Thuru: Sir petrol check karuthili…apananka scooter re petrol naahin

Shankar sir checks and says…”petrol naahin? F dekhauchi meter re!”

Thuru: yes sir, F means finished

Shankar sir: acchha! What does E mean then on the meter

Thuru: Sir, E means enough…

Shankar Sir: This country has no hope. Get off my scooter   mad-smiley


– Sumeet

Sambit ke karname-4

It was one of the terminal exam prep times during school days…
Sambit usually panicked with confidence and would start calling his friends…

’Suhel, terminal exam preparation kemiti chalichi…Moon chari thara revision karideichi…ICSE material bhi dui thara practice karideichi..’.

And there were also few like me, who would leave the 11th, 12th chapter exercises for the last day before exam… Sometimes I do get to them, sometimes I sleep with a prayer and hope there would be no questions from these chapters. I started believing ‘hope sustains life’ from my early years.

Anyway, this incident is not about me, it is about Sambit.

I have been a subject to such phone calls when Sambit would call and mention the number of times he had revised the exercises, and make me feel bad to worse.

So, on this particular day, I decided to call Sambit,

‘Sambit, au kan chalichi…’.

‘Bas… tikey revision karuchi…. fo fo fourth time. April 6th rey exam… Paanch din rahila…tension hei jaichi ma…, Au tamare kemiti chalichi preparation?!’

Then I respond back- ’Arey Sambit… sunina ki? Mandal Commission strike payeen, exam shift hei jaichi by a month. The new exam date is May 6th!!’

Sambit ‘Bb Bb Bobbal hela aau..!… Chala amey Dadu gharey carrom kheliba… Ashis gharaku jiba…College field rey cricket kheliba… tama gharey Test match dekhiba…

… and he goes on for the next 5-7 min on all the things he will do because exam got shifted..’

I didn’t have the heart to break it in to him and interrupted,

‘Sambit APRIL FOOL!’

Sambit says,…

‘Gyana April Fool ta theek achee…
…but Exam shift heigala…B..b.. Bobbal hela!’


Panda Sir’s famous quotes…

Class 9A. Period – Economics

Panda Sir is dictating economics notes and the entire class is noting all that knowledge down in pin-drop silence. In one corner of the classroom, R.S.Kishore has the audacity to draw Sir’s picture in his notebook instead of taking notes. Somehow Panda Sir notices this and walks up to R.S. Kishore, grabs him by his head, pulls him to the centre and asks him to “kneel down”. R.S.Kishore having a higher than average Body Mass Index takes a few extra seconds to adjust and place his entire weight on his knees.

Panda Sir: What were you doing?

RSK: Nothing Sir

Panda Sir: Bapa kana karanti?

RSK: AG office re kama karanti

Panda Sir: Bapa AG office re kama karuchi, pua ku KG KG maunsa khuauchi, Pua asiki economics class re teacher ra drawing karuchi…..Motu….Gabdal Khaasu!!!


Class 6C, Period – Civics or Social Studies

Gyana and Ayaskanta (Guguni) used to sit on the same bench, Ayaskanta had the chubbiest cheeks which Gyana was very fond of. In one of Panda Sir’s class, Gyana squeezes the cheeks of Ayaskanta with both his hands and pulls him closer screaming “Gugguneeee…..Gugguneeee”.

Panda Sir sees this and says “Aha ki prema! Ethi kana Sri Krushna Rasalila chalichi?” I think he then walked up and gave a thani on Gyana’s head in his trademark style. He walked back but then turned around and came to Guguni and gave him a thani on his head as well and said “Sie ta taa prema dekhauthila, tu kahinki to gaala dekhauthilu?”