DMS92 student hits back in kind…on Odiya pride

Just thought of sharing an experience the first time ever I stepped out of Odisha. I left DMS during the first quarter of 5th Standard to join KV . That was necessary as my father had a transferable Bank Job and being in KV helped. We left BBSR mid of my VI th Standard as my father was transferred to Hyderabad.
First day at school for me. And the ritual of introducing yourself to the class and every teacher . After 3-4 introductions. . it was time for Sanskrit Class..In walked a tall young byet slightly balding man . Most of the students did not like him and it was evident from their faces. I had to repeat the riual.again. I proudly introduced myself being from Odisha and this teacher with a very bad knowledge of geography went onto asking me to talk some aspects of our glorious state and what is it that makes it famous. So I talked of Hirakud Dam, Odisha dance. Jagannath Puri and Konark as much I could talk about our rich cultural heritage. And at the end of it all he remarked so are you not from the state where every year there are floods and which houses some of the worst drought prone areas too and is in the news for the deaths in Kalahandi ! It came on me like a thunderbolt when  a section of the class were laughing out aloud at his sarcasm and joining in the collective apathetic behaviour.
I seethed in anger but being the shy person I was then did not say anything but resolved in silence that I would showcase to the entire Class what Odias are capable of !!
The only way I could prove it was doing well in academics and that was the only ammunition I had..
So I started with securing the best marks in the exams in Sanskrit and it was redemption day everyday when the same teacher asked me everytime i got the best marks in Sanskrit and praised me for my writing skills and command over the language , especially when he confessed in front of the class that he was wrong in saying Odias are backward, rather they ar  gentle  and intellectually evolved people.

– Elina

Sasmita’s Birthday Thoughts


କନ୍ୟା ଭଗିନୀ, ଜାୟା ଜନନୀ
ସବୁ ଭୁମିକାରେ ଅଭିନୟ କରି
ପାଇଛି ସ୍ନେହ ପ୍ରେମ ମମତା ସବୁରି
କିଛିଟା ହାରିଚି, କିଛିଟା ପାଇଛି
ସ୍ମୃତି ସବୁକୁ ମୁ ଜାବୁଡି ଧରିଛି…
ହାରିବାର ଦୁଃଖ ନାହିଁ
ପାଇଛି ଅନେକ…
ବଞ୍ଚିବା ପାଇଁ ହସ ଲୁହ
ଯୋଗାଏ ଖୋରାକ..
ପଥ ହୁଏ କୁସୁମିତ
ସାଥେ ଥିଲେ ତୁମ ଭଳି ସାଥି
ନିଃଶବ୍ଦ ବି ଗାୟି ଯାଏ ମଧୁର ପିରତି…

ଏମିତି ହସୁ ଥାଉ, ଥାଉ କୃପା ଦୃଷ୍ଟି ତାର
ହସି ହସି କଟି ଯାଉ ବାକି ଦୀନ ମୋର…