Sanskrit dramas in school…

Sanskrit play

In photo, from DMS92: Archana, Vikram, Sitikantha and Bibhudutta

Gyana: Sanskrit dramas were absolutely hilarious. During the Sanskrit dialogues, people start taking breaks. Because of the mythological background for Sanskrit dramas they had a huge cast. Sometimes the cast was bigger than the audience watching the drama.

Vikram: Archana and I once did a Sanskrit drama – yes Sanskrit where I don’t think we understood even one word – we memorized every word of every dialogue and regurgitated it on the stage.

Archana: Sabu ghosi deyithili😄 I hope you remember another incident about this drama. You can see all the ornaments I am wearing. I was playing the role of Queen. In one scene my dialogue was like.. “no no nothing in my hand”. Means my act was to hide the ornaments in back what I was holding. I was not supposed to show the ornaments but the synchronization was wrong. I brought my hands in front n saying that “there is nothing in my hand “Sab ratta mara Hua tha dialogue. Kichi bujhu thile sina😂
Audience was laughing like anything. I realised that I did something wrong.After I finished my role I went inside sir scolded n I started crying. Then Sir said ok ok. No worries. It happens. Don’t cry 😄 My sister was also teasing me until we reached home.

Vikram: 😂 I vaguely remember this incident- I think we all who played a part were actually the “bakras” because no one volunteered to participate. So we were appointed by the teachers