Poetry Day …

It’s World Poetry Day…
And it made me think,
Am I a poet,
A question sneaked and a blurb emerged !
Should I confess that I am a bad one ?
My words don’t follow the rules;
They pulsate with a rythm
That I call my own.
They don’t rhyme,
Nor the syllables sync,
However, I manage
To sequence them and create ,
Tales that resonate with fellow beings.
Probably they bring solace,
To many a troubled hearts and unruly minds ?
That’s the hope which inspires,
To adorn lives
With moments that sparkle
With rainbow hues
Of colourful words…

Dussehra 2017…the day after


When the glittering lights fade,
And the drums go silent,
The sonorous laughters no longer reverberate,
The eateries are not thronged,
Its traffic as usual
The police man stands lone on his pedestal,
The tapestries are off
And the shaminanas dismantled,
The trinket sellers wrap their wares ,
And the entourage has receded,

That’s the moment of truth,
Its back to the mundane,
The festivities were momentary, ?

No, says the heart,
It’s just a cycle .
The seasons are fluid,
They shall pass ,
Autumn will return
The fervour is constant,
She will return ,
To grace the deserted grounds,
And transform the routine to
An adventure.
Yet again ,
The festivities will rekindle
The life..


त्रिशंकु हे…


त्रिशंकु हैं हर इक इंसान,
कोई झूलता हे,
अनगिनत आकांक्ष्यों के बीच
और कुुुछ गोतेे खाते रहते हैं ,
धुप छाव के पारावार में।

इस उधेड़बुन में,
खो जाती है अपनी ही परछाई,
कि सांझ का साथ हे ज्यादा प्यारी
या सुबह की हलकी सर्दी सुहावनी।

रंगीन सपनों का
इंतज़ार रहती हे, उलझी हुई आँखों को,
और सपनों को भी,रहती है आस
नींन्द न खुले , न हो सुबह
सुकून से वह भी
सो सके कुछ देर और
पलकों को सहलाकर।

जागृत और सुप्त
ऐसी है आस,
डोलती है जीवन,
त्रिशंकु सी,
आशा और निराशा
के बीच।

Elina’s Application…for entry into DMS92


Why should I be let in ….

I was ordained to write
A note, rather an application,
To get inducted,
To be let in.,
Into the gates of Friendship,
Into the fraternity of a glorious childhood
Which was lost.
A lost opportunity
Compete and fight,
Have been loved,
Have held hands of friends,
And walked to school,
Have endless chats on
Crushes and first loves,
Have been punished for
Harmless pranks,
Have made the school proud,
Of my quaint achievements,
Have engaged in intense Debates..
And the list seems endless..
I seldom seek approval,
But today I seek,
Your permission to
Celebrate with you
The Joy of Friendship.
I deserve an entry,
For though I have been away,
I have always dreamt and
Hung on to a.Hope
Meeting and sharing those lost moments,
For I have dreamt countless times
the parakeets on the Kara manga Tree,
The rocky terrain surrounding the hallowed walls,
The library where I read my first Enid Blyton,
The school annual functions,
The white and maroon uniform,
As I have a second chance today
To live it all,
I will not be left.behind.
Hence I write , the only way I know
The poetic mode,
Asking You, O the Monitor,,
To Let me In…..

.. Elina…..

Rath Yatra – 2017


You are born again,
I dare not say Reborn.
As you are existence itself,
The life blood that permeates,
The Creation.
Which is permanent in its impermanence.

We wait for you to emerge,
From your self imposed confinement;
Hoping you have recuperated,

Your toothless smile,
And your wide eyed visage,
A glimpse of your innocent face,
Is what we long to witness.

Hasten it, my dear Lord
Emerge and let us merge…              Elina





Maa ki aanchal


Meri beti kehti hai
Maa tumhara Aanchal
Kahan hai..
Jispe lipte mein so sakun
Sookon ki neend.
Kabhi kabhi uski nadaan sawalon
Ka nahin de patii hoon zawab..
Usko kya samjhaaoon mein.
Ki zawab to khudh hi dhoondti hoon mein.
Kyon Aisa hai ki meri Maan ki Aanchal ki khusboo
Hai alag aur Nirali.
Sardi ki Dhoop mein sukhi hui
Woh Patli sooot ki Saadi..
Narm Hoti jaati hain dhalte mausam ke saath
Jab bhi mein unme lipatna chahoon.
Samet leti hain mujhe us Anjaan si
Khusboo mein
Saanjh ke diye ki tarah
Jhapjhapati hui
Meri antaratmaa Ko trupt karti hui.

Beti meri…Kabhi tu bhi tatolegi
In beparast sawalon ke zawab
Aur dhoond hi legi Apne sawalon ke zawab.