The Juggernaut and the Lost..

This year too You ventured out,
Recuperating  from your long illness,
Rejuvenated and Re – invigorated,
You danced and swayed with the millions,
Not like any other,
You choose to swing in the arms of
Overwhelmed devotees,
Alluring them to embrace You,
With their teary eyes.
You left your abode,
In fanfare,
Kicking up storms of dust and dirt,
Sweaty beings thronging and swelling with pride,
As they beheld the divine sight.
But this year, I wasn’t overwhelmed,
Neither did my eyes brim with emotion,
I wonder why was that,
Had I lost my devotion,
Or have You lost your mojo,
Or is it my life blood has dried ?
Or is,
the profusion of imagery ,
And the cacophonous adulation,
That surrounds the annual event today,
Has left me bewildered.
I love you in all your simplicity
Oh Lord,
Not in your adornments.
Your toothless sublime smile is only what I seek.
I know not whether I have blasphemed ,
In accepting that my devotion  may have waned,
You are the omnipresent,
You reside in me ,
Yet, I forage the wilderness of life,
Seeking to be with You.
Is this the Truth that we all wish to discover,
Whilst the Truth remains
Ensconced in our Self…

Rath Yatra – 2017


You are born again,
I dare not say Reborn.
As you are existence itself,
The life blood that permeates,
The Creation.
Which is permanent in its impermanence.

We wait for you to emerge,
From your self imposed confinement;
Hoping you have recuperated,

Your toothless smile,
And your wide eyed visage,
A glimpse of your innocent face,
Is what we long to witness.

Hasten it, my dear Lord
Emerge and let us merge…              Elina