My memories about the Vanar Sena

Myself Chandu Sandeep R S Kishore Gopal and Samir Raizada (Subho Ghosh joined in later) were having fun playing TT cricket in the corner room. That was one of our favourite pass times when Sanskrit sir used to come late or when he used to miss the class. Well that day P N Mishra sir was teaching class 10 students and we were as usual merrily playing. He came in once and very mildly told us to maintain silence. Well we were Vanar Sena as you know 😄😄

Post that, the Vanar sena got his ire and the blows came in thick and fast starting from Subho Ghosh and ending with Sandeep 😂😂😂

He came in silently and watched Subho bowling and Sandeep batting and then the thrashing started with a chaini on Subho head and slap. No one was spared. Even ‘poor’ Samir too got caught in the middle…sometimes it is just bad luck 😄😄

– Sambit

Further review and round table discussion on the Vanar Sena…

PP: The funny part of the story for me was imagining the total guiltless expressions of all the Vanar Sena as they played their game of cricket as if doing that inside class was their birth right and then the sudden barrage of blows coming as a ‘surprise’…waking them all up to reality…and of course Samir caught in the middle of it all. Though I always felt (while closely observing Samir) even to this day…he always had a massive mischief maker tendency inside him which got suppressed by his equally strong sense of self restraint

GP: So are you saying he didn’t mind getting punishment because he internally he made mischief anyway!
That is a very good way to negotiate the action (mischief) vs result (punishment)

PP: Yes I think he knew very well he was doing a wrong thing..but just gave in to the urge while others were having fun. Vanar sena members, in contrast…never had the sense of guilt…they all thought everything they did was perfectly normal… Their surprise came whenever they got punished …as being too disproportionate to what they were apparently doing

GP: :)) Yes they were true Krishna Bhakts. All their mischief was pure innocent acts. :)) they just didn’t have any attorney to represent their innocence.

PP: Right

GP: Also, all of them were highly regulated kids at home. They came alive at school. They were used to showing puppy faces (perennially been wronged face) of innocence after getting punished, something they continued to carry from home to school

PP: That’s a good observation…the hormones had to find an outlet. But thinking back…both Samir and I were also highly regulated at home…

GP: As one of my engineering proffs would say, you guys were externally silent, internally violent! Not as bad as it sounds but you know what I mean

PP: 🙂probably right…Or perhaps we found a way to channel it unto benign ways…or altogether kill them by practice

GP: Benign ways like actively laughing and enjoying at these gags?!
Documenting mischief stories in Prabhatitara and smugmug ?!


Sambit ke karname…aaj bhi!


This is a short but true story about the dearest of all… Mr. Single Gilhari😀

It happened when last time in 2016, Gyana had been to Bangalore.

We had a great get together at ibis hotel. It was a family get together. We all enjoyed meeting with each other’s families, had too many selfie sessions through Gyana’s iPhone, my oneplus and Sambit’s brand new Google pixel. Kidz too had a great time within their circle. Finally, we headed for the dinner. Post dinner also, we had a few more selfie sessions and finally it clocked the moment to depart. We decided to use my credit card to pay the bill and later to get that amount reimbursed in my account from every other’s share. After too many yes/Nos and repulsions to not to payback, Akkhaa insisted to put across his share over a cheque payment. One fine day he made it… Here is the first-cut premiere show of the cheque….(at the top)

Towards the end of Jan 2017, one fine day it cropped up in his mind “ARE !👉 Ananta, mu tote se get together ra paisaa deini naa”. I said ” No Sambit…with a mysterious smile”. Further, he narrated, “Abbey, Mora maney ruheni, tu mane pakeiba kathaa na!!.. Raha, tote gote cheque lekhiki dauchi”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂… Instantly, I started laughing loudly… He got confused and looked at me thinking why is Ananta laughing so loudly.. Again, he insisted.. ” Abbey tu paagala hei jaaichhu naa kana? Hasuchu kaahinki? ”… After, too many iterations of similar versions of that question from him, I thought of revealing it… Finally, I told him what happened back during November… Then he instantly started laughing even louder than me… Then, he said, “no man, sometimes I am lost”… I replied again, with a serious voice “no Sam, not sometimes but it’s always”. Again, both of us laughed loudly… Others at the tea shop were just watching us but nobody understood what was that. He handed over rs. 1450 in cash to me and both of us were still laughing…

Click on the audio below to listen to a part of the chat



Sambit ke karname-4

It was one of the terminal exam prep times during school days…
Sambit usually panicked with confidence and would start calling his friends…

’Suhel, terminal exam preparation kemiti chalichi…Moon chari thara revision karideichi…ICSE material bhi dui thara practice karideichi..’.

And there were also few like me, who would leave the 11th, 12th chapter exercises for the last day before exam… Sometimes I do get to them, sometimes I sleep with a prayer and hope there would be no questions from these chapters. I started believing ‘hope sustains life’ from my early years.

Anyway, this incident is not about me, it is about Sambit.

I have been a subject to such phone calls when Sambit would call and mention the number of times he had revised the exercises, and make me feel bad to worse.

So, on this particular day, I decided to call Sambit,

‘Sambit, au kan chalichi…’.

‘Bas… tikey revision karuchi…. fo fo fourth time. April 6th rey exam… Paanch din rahila…tension hei jaichi ma…, Au tamare kemiti chalichi preparation?!’

Then I respond back- ’Arey Sambit… sunina ki? Mandal Commission strike payeen, exam shift hei jaichi by a month. The new exam date is May 6th!!’

Sambit ‘Bb Bb Bobbal hela aau..!… Chala amey Dadu gharey carrom kheliba… Ashis gharaku jiba…College field rey cricket kheliba… tama gharey Test match dekhiba…

… and he goes on for the next 5-7 min on all the things he will do because exam got shifted..’

I didn’t have the heart to break it in to him and interrupted,

‘Sambit APRIL FOOL!’

Sambit says,…

‘Gyana April Fool ta theek achee…
…but Exam shift heigala…B..b.. Bobbal hela!’


Sambit ke karnamein – 3

Binakar sir had a penchant to do surprise dashes at ones desk and then he would do his trademark chutti tana or ear jerk…

Much later (read Sambit ke karnaame 2 for context), when Sambit was no longer new to the school, and had built a reputation for being a mischief monger… Binakar Sir rushed to him after noticing him doing some mischief. The moment Sambit saw Binakar Sir coming …he got off his desk and ran towards the back of the classroom… Binakar Sir came after him … Sambit swiftly ran to the Teachers desk…They went round and round in the class between the desks… And then Binakar Sir got tired and gasped and gave up!
That was a moment to savior… Sambit was all in his battisi…laughing away… Binakar Sir… such a cute and nice Sir…did not know what to do.

The fact that Sambit was a good student …he was a easy let off! Teachers didn’t know what to do…how can someone so smart can be so naughty at the same time!

Sambit ke karnamein – 2

Sambit joined the school on a Thursday or Friday. On the same week on Tuesday Binakar Sir gave some essay to write. (Obviously, he does not expect any new student to submit essay if he or she has joined class middle of the week). Then comesnext Tuesday, all notebooks Oxford ruled and others are stacked on top of each other… Binakar Sir enters the class…as usual heads to his desk …fully focused …picks up the notebook on the top of the stack… Starts looking at the essay… pondering …striking lines..noting something…amused, happy, not amused… puts the notebook back. Picks up the next book…repeats all steps. Then comes this notebook…keeps taking his notes and then surprised look !?!…flips at the front of the note pad…calls out the name of the notebook owner still not looking at the class  … Sambit Rath…

Sambit walks to him half confident, half politely …stands next to Binakar Sir.
Binakar Sir startles at him … (partly not sure if he has seen this kid before)…enquires ‘Which idiot told you to write this essay?’

Sambit not sure what to say, nervously says, ‘Sir, You! …and the class bursts into laughter!!! :))))

That was Sambit’s first week in school!


Vikram adds –

Gyana’s story on Sambit and Binakar sir is correct. I remember it vividly. We were in 6A and I think Binakar sir was teaching English that year. Long time ago…that was in 1987

You got pranked Raghu !!!

Raghu gets a prank call from San Francisco….

In Indian American accent
‘Hi can I speak to Mr….eh…Tripasuri Raghunath’

In Bangalore Indian Techie Delivery Manager accent –
‘Yes…This is Raghu here’

‘Oh Hi Raghu….I am Rakesh Das from San Francisco. Do you have a few minutes to chat?!’

‘Yeah sure’

‘Great… We are a mid-size Product Services company based out of SFO. We are looking for someone of your experience level to build and lead our Bangalore office…I was very impressed with your profile… I see that you have an IIM degree as well…
I would love to hear your thoughts on this and experience…’

‘Sure… I have done…..Blah blah blah …



for 2 min)

‘Wow ….wow ….wow’

‘Blah blah blah…(for 2 min)



‘Wow! ….Wow! ….Wow’

‘By the way who referred my name to you…’

‘…you referred by Venkat…’

‘Oh yes, I know Venkat’

‘…who happens to know Sambit Rath…’

‘Yeah I know Sambit Rath’

‘…who happens to know Gyan Patra’

‘…. Umm… Gyan Patra…Abey Gyana tu ….I started doubting in the middle of the conversation…’



Speaker turns On….

Sambit, Raghu, Gyana…all roll into Loud Laughter !!!


It all ended with a nice GT…


Sharma Sir, chemistry class…

Ananta narrates…

After the +2 results were out… myself, Pratap, Susanta and few others were sitting on the culvert and talking.. Suddenly I realized that Sharma sir was coming on his sky blue LML Vespa scooter from regional college side. Immediately I uttered Sharma sir… Except myself and Susanta, everyone vanished instantly. Sharma sir stopped by and started asking about our results. Then he started saying where r others as he saw quite a few of us while starting from the college. I said sir this guy went inside school, that guy went to the field and so on… Then he specifically asked about Pratap.. I said yes sir he was here with us just a minute ago. By seeing u from there he went under the culvert. Then Sharma sir called Pratap… Pratap come outside. Pratap first responded (still under the culvert) “yes sir”. But he never came out of the drain, it was dry though. Just stood there in that drain and answered each of the questions asked by Sharma sir..Then came out after a few seconds with all mud and dirt on his dress.


Gyana shares a Sharma sir class incident…

When Sharma sir cold called Lala in the class once…

‘Lala iska farmula kya hai?’

Lala – ‘Hmm…Sir aata nahin’

‘Tum to class aatey nahin, tumko ayega kaise….’

Ananta recollects as well and adds…

‘Abhi tumhen chappal se maaren toh kaisa rahega…’

‘Nahi sir mat mari ye.. Aata nahi kya karen..’

‘Kilaass mein dhyan do padhai mein dhyan do. Phir iski zaroorat nahi padega tumhe’


Gyana shares another instance…

Sambit and I were kneeled down outside the class for some mischief ….

When Sharma Sir’s class period started he let us in….

After few min we got back to our desks Sambit and my mischief won’t stop and we kept giggling.

Sharma sir…little irritated but still in his style…
‘Abhi to tum dono kneel down huey they bahar…pichle teacher ne kiya tha..

Ab kya tumhara Sar neeche pair upar karoon…!’

Ananta adds…

Sharma Sir’s Jabdaa gudaa poora Brahma jabdaa. We use to assume that Sharma Sir has seen Karma movie many  times. He thinks himself as Dilip  kumar and us as Dr. Daangg

I think his fav star is Yusuf khan(Dilip Kumar). Exactly like him, he wud scratch his forehead with his thumb and slap


Sambit ke karnamein

It was one of the days after school… Sambit was chatting away with me while cycling back home with me wearing banyan and pants….

When he was almost near my home, I interrupted and asked him about his shirt….

He said…”Oh! my shirt… I left it at the karamanga tree while playing volleyball”.


Vanar Sena

The Section A ‘Vanar Sena Gang’ …

Let me start with saying that the Vanar Sena gang comprised of the most innocent and harmless baloonga bunch of kids you will ever meet. They had no inhibitions, kept no grudges. Always content with fighting it out…physical fights…always…not most of the time.

The group comprised of G Sandeep, Ravichand, RS Kishore, Gopal Tripathi and Sambit Rath. Sambit got separated and moved to C Section during the section changes, but kept making guest appearances in A Section to participate in the Vanar Sena mischiefs.

An example of a Vanar Sena fight prompter… Sambit teasing Gopal Tripathy – “Gopu Seth, Sadak par leit, Haathi chadh gaya, phat gaya peit…”. Next moment you will see… Gopal and Sambit jumping on each other and rest of the gang joining the fight for no clear reason …

The easiest way to identify them was from the rafoos in and around the 1st, 2nd and 3rd buttons of their shirt. Some of them had the hands of their shirts re-stitched to the body… at least couple of times. Their dresses would have very light mud patches even after multiple hand washes some showing up over and above the Robin Blue blue-white enhancers.

Their fights would mostly extend from Recess, HPER classes, some TT matches where you could see them holding each other’s collars, rolling on the floor on the ground, desperately clasping each other by their hair ends…ears…all possible combinations of these. It was kind of impossible to break these fights unless a teacher walked into the class or suddenly another HPER class started, in which case they would dismiss the fight and rush to the field! Many a times you would see Dadu (Sudeep) trying to stop the fights and get completely squeezed in between a well built G Sandeep and RS Kishore. We had to jump in to rescue Dadu! They were not afraid of anyone…except for Vikram. They used to be petrified if Vikram summoned them for a lecture.

Well that is a small brief about our sweet little Naughty Bunch- The Vanar Sena



Vikram adds

I think each of the guys in the Vanar sena went through at least a dozen shirts and shorts every year😄 School would start in July and by end of the 2nd week, half of the buttons in the shirts would be missing after all the fights


Pratyush adds

I remember…during one of these fights…BB Naik Sir dropped in once and proceeded to rain his infamous HVS’s (high velocity slaps) on two of the vanar sena members…that promptly brought an end to the fight (as if getting beaten up by each other was not enough!!!)


Utkala adds

Yeah.. Then there was the display of who can spray ink the farthest.. They would do that to each others shirts. I am cringing now thinking their mothers ordeal to clean their stained shirts


Vikram adds

It took vanar sena 2 mins to go from looking prim and proper every morning to looking like they just came after working all day at a construction site or a stone quarry


R.S.Kishore (one of the original Vanar Sena members) adds the theme & origin of the ‘Vanar Sena’ moniker