Dadu & Vikram’s banter…

Dadu (Sudeep’s) banters with Vikram, outdoing each other in praising the other were bloody hilarious. If I were to produce a talk show, I would feature these two guys. Here’s a sample-

Dadu: Vikram tu ta Maggie quiz re participate kariki masoor school re and blah blah …

Vikram: Haan moon ta Masoor au tu Harada. Sabu audience prize ta tu jitilu…

As a newbee, I was wondering, are they friends fighting or praising each other?!!




Marathon GT’s & record breaking khatti sessions-Vikram’s trip to India, 2017

…Wrapped up a short & amazing trip to BBSR – great seeing everyone, especially Prakash, BBD and Sanjib after 25+ years. And Anuup, Asish, Dabu, Lalu and Ravi.

We started our Khatti at 4pm and ended at 4:30am! It was fun catching up and reminiscing about our good old school days over drinks and food. Asish and Prakash decided to give all of us a midnight tour of the new BBSR, Chandaka, Nandankanan and Sikhar Chandi etc which we did between midnight & 2am last night. We dispersed around 2:30am however Judge Sir decided that the “shaam” was still “jawaan” and returned in 15 mins to restart the Khatti which went on for another 2 hrs. Dabu also joined around 2:30am.

Missed Sucheta, Sanjay, Rumi, Aman and others in BBSR.

Thanks all for a lovely time. Until next time 🙏


And then moving to Bangaluru,

Thanks to Raghu, Buddha, DB, Madhusmita, Sambit & Elina and also the attending spouses and kids for such a lovely time. Made my day!

Seeing Elina after 30+ yrs and DB after 25 yrs is surreal – we started talking like we never lost touch

In enjoying all these good times, I can’t help but think none of this would have been possible without our pioneers – Utkala, birthday boy Gyana, Pratyush and others who took the initiative and pushed us to create and maintain this DMS 92 community.

Utkala, Ananta, Shabnam, Tapan, Satyajit and others BLR – missed you this evening. See you next time

– Vikram

On Vidyarthi Madam…

We used to call her the ‘White Ghost’ or ‘White Elephant’…and although rare, she had a devastating array of slaps when angry. Entire classes along the corridor would turn silent when she chose to lumber along once in a while, surveying her territory.

I also remember, we would bunk class and play cricket at the small ground behind the school which was right  in the way for her when she would walk to school from her home. We could spot her from a mile away given trademark outfit of all white sari. The moment we saw her figure from a distance, we would run and hide until she passed and resume again after it was all clear.

The farthest fielder would have the additional responsibility to keep an eye on the road. The moment the farthest fielder runs or panics there would be a cascading effect and each fielder will start hiding until the White Elephant passes the road. After she crossed, we would resume.

Pratyush, Vikram, Gyana

Bhopa Sir’s complaint about Vikram…

I still remember Bhopa sir’s tone and how he used to speak (in a pleading, distraught voice). In the last term exam before our std X board exam, I got in the mid 90s and I think Rayen and someone else also got higher marks. I had made ONE mistake and he cut 3-4 marks for that. Then he met my father in the Ananda Bazaar market and said, “Apanka Pua Babu silly mistakes karuchi, tikkey dhyana deuni. Full marks paaiba paper rey, mistake karila aau marks harailaa” 😳


DMS92 schoolies’ brushes with celebrities

When Vikram bumped into a lost NRN…

I walked out of my office yesterday around 6:30pm and there is a small restaurant close by. I stopped to pick up dinner and as I walked out, I see this old Indian guy – prob around 70 yrs old and carry a old plastic shopping bag near the entrance. He was clearly lost and looking for direction. He wasn’t sure where he wanted to go. This is near Times Square so it’s pretty crowded and there is lot of traffic and cops everywhere given the recent bombing. So I look at him for a second and maybe to help a fellow desi, I ask him if he needs help with direction. He looks up and says he wants to go towards 55th St and Broadway.  I then realize that he is this guy.

We chatted and I walked with him for 5 mins and we go off in different directions. Funnily this is the second time I ran into him, the first was in 1999 at Mumbai airport

Just normal small talk for a few mins as we walked through the crowd. He said he was staying in a hotel nearby and was in town for some meetings.  I told him, my father was one of the original investors in the IPO in 1993 and he said, “l hope your father made some money” as a shareholder. 😄. Pretty down to earth unassuming guy – no airs and also you can’t figure out he is NRN unless you recognize him. He looked weaker and a bit frail than in the pictures. He is growing old so not surprised


Straight drive with Harsha and getting star struck in college!!!    Asish

I had met Harsha Bhogle and talked with him in the airport. I thanked for his nice articles in about budding cricket of that time…. He was very eloquent about the talent of Budha Kaif etc… He was very easy to talk and down to earth guy… I had met him about 15 years back. That same day I saw Shabana Azmi in the Airport…but she was out of bounds.

In college days I had the privilege to talk to Sashi Kapoor and Rajesh Khana over telephone to invite them to be guest of BJB college function being the PR guy of President Sachi bhai. Sashi Kapoor expressed his inability due to lack of return flight to mumbai on the same day…

But we managed to get Rajesh Khana to BJB who created magic with his words..

Batakrushna Tripathy IPS was the chairman Orissa film development corporation. He had provided the numbers. I made calls from the pco


Hair raising encounter

How I became a fan of “The Pedro”, Vikram…

We were given some homework by E James madam. She was teaching English to both A and C sections.

For some reason, I borrowed Vikram’s tidy Oxford English fair book. I can still remember Vikram’s handwriting… So well spaced and emphasis on each single letter. Anyway, in one of the essay type answers Vikram used the phrase ‘hair raising encounter’, a phrase I came across for the first time (we were in 5th or 6th grade guys!). I found that phrase absolutely hilarious. I immediately cycled back to Vikram’s house and literally went over the meaning of the phrase and we kept laughing. Vikram was laughing, was not sure, but was amused that why would someone find phrase ‘hair raising encounter’ so funny!

From that day, onwards we realized that we had a great sense of timing on humor and it just starts whenever we meet, wherever we left it at, whatever is the gap of our meetings…




Vanar Sena

The Section A ‘Vanar Sena Gang’ …

Let me start with saying that the Vanar Sena gang comprised of the most innocent and harmless baloonga bunch of kids you will ever meet. They had no inhibitions, kept no grudges. Always content with fighting it out…physical fights…always…not most of the time.

The group comprised of G Sandeep, Ravichand, RS Kishore, Gopal Tripathi and Sambit Rath. Sambit got separated and moved to C Section during the section changes, but kept making guest appearances in A Section to participate in the Vanar Sena mischiefs.

An example of a Vanar Sena fight prompter… Sambit teasing Gopal Tripathy – “Gopu Seth, Sadak par leit, Haathi chadh gaya, phat gaya peit…”. Next moment you will see… Gopal and Sambit jumping on each other and rest of the gang joining the fight for no clear reason …

The easiest way to identify them was from the rafoos in and around the 1st, 2nd and 3rd buttons of their shirt. Some of them had the hands of their shirts re-stitched to the body… at least couple of times. Their dresses would have very light mud patches even after multiple hand washes some showing up over and above the Robin Blue blue-white enhancers.

Their fights would mostly extend from Recess, HPER classes, some TT matches where you could see them holding each other’s collars, rolling on the floor on the ground, desperately clasping each other by their hair ends…ears…all possible combinations of these. It was kind of impossible to break these fights unless a teacher walked into the class or suddenly another HPER class started, in which case they would dismiss the fight and rush to the field! Many a times you would see Dadu (Sudeep) trying to stop the fights and get completely squeezed in between a well built G Sandeep and RS Kishore. We had to jump in to rescue Dadu! They were not afraid of anyone…except for Vikram. They used to be petrified if Vikram summoned them for a lecture.

Well that is a small brief about our sweet little Naughty Bunch- The Vanar Sena



Vikram adds

I think each of the guys in the Vanar sena went through at least a dozen shirts and shorts every year😄 School would start in July and by end of the 2nd week, half of the buttons in the shirts would be missing after all the fights


Pratyush adds

I remember…during one of these fights…BB Naik Sir dropped in once and proceeded to rain his infamous HVS’s (high velocity slaps) on two of the vanar sena members…that promptly brought an end to the fight (as if getting beaten up by each other was not enough!!!)


Utkala adds

Yeah.. Then there was the display of who can spray ink the farthest.. They would do that to each others shirts. I am cringing now thinking their mothers ordeal to clean their stained shirts


Vikram adds

It took vanar sena 2 mins to go from looking prim and proper every morning to looking like they just came after working all day at a construction site or a stone quarry


R.S.Kishore (one of the original Vanar Sena members) adds the theme & origin of the ‘Vanar Sena’ moniker